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Mobile Casino Games

Mobile Casino Games

The casino favourites. All the fun. None of the risk.

Pier Fun Casinos, the name says it all. Our mobile casinos offer all the favourite casino games but with the firm emphasis on fun. Perfect entertainment for your wedding reception or corporate event or party of any type, your guests will be talking about the fun they had at YOUR casino. All Pier Fun Casino croupiers are on hand to explain the rules of each casino game and guide you through as you play along with friends and colleagues.

Our mobile casino games include:


RouletteOur most requested casino game, roulette offers players a variety of ways in which to win. Despite this, roulette is also attractively easy to play making it a firm favourite with non casino goers as well as the more experienced casino player. A game of chance large amounts can be won for little stake. The roulette wheel consists of the numbers 1-36 which are alternatively coloured red and black and the symbol 0 which is represented by the colour green. Bets are wagered by placing chips on the table that correspond to the numbers featured on the roulette wheel. When the ball comes to rest on the wheel, the dealer highlights the winning number with a marker and settles all winning bets.


BlackjackOne of the most well known of all the games we offer, Blackjack is a timeless classic that will suit any event. Each player is dealt two cards with the simple aim of having the value of the cards presented totalling as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding that value. All players play against the dealer who also gets two cards, one of which is face up and the other is face down. The goal of the player is to have a greater numerical value of cards than the dealer, however should that value exceed 21 the player “busts” losing the bet. Cards are counted on their face value, with Jacks, Queens, and Kings being worth 10. Aces count as either 1 or 11 dependent on what is more beneficial to the player. Should your opening cards total 21 then you have a Blackjack.

Stud Poker

BlackjackWith the increasing popularity of poker, a casino stud poker table is proving to be a must have at your fun casino. Each player aims to beat the hand of the dealer making casino stud poker one of the most sociable forms of poker there is. Much like roulette the draw of stud poker is the chance to win large amounts of chips from little stake. Each player is dealt 5 cards along with the dealer. The aim of stud poker is to have a combination of cards superior to that of the dealer. The dealer initially turns his top card face up to give the players an indication on the strength of his hand. To take part in the game players must put a given amount of chips into the “ante” box marked on the table cloth. Should the player wish to proceed they must match their opening bet by placing chips in the “raise” box. A game of tension and excitement stud poker is sure to be a hit for casino goers and non goers alike.

Texas Hold 'em

Texas Hold EmUnlike casino stud poker, Texas hold’em is a game in which players are competing against each other to win a prize fund, or “pot”, that the community of players have invested into. Texas hold’em consists of three betting rounds in which the money is contributed into the prize fund. Each player is dealt two cards prior to the first betting round. After the first betting round has been concluded the dealer deals 3 cards face up. It is these cards that are known as community cards. After the second betting round has been completed the dealer deals a fourth community card. This is mirrored by the completion of the third and final betting round. Players can drop out of the game, or “fold” at any time. A player uses the combination of their cards and the five community cards to construct their final hand. The individual with the best hand out of all the players at the table wins the pot. A game of skill and composure, Texas hold’em brings a competitive edge to the table.


CrapsOne of the main draws of the craps table is the magnificent odds the game offers. Purely a game of chance, players bet on the outcome of the rolling of two dice. The player who throws the dice is referred to as the “shooter”. Whilst the shooter is the player who throws the dices, other players are able to bet on the outcome of the throw by placing their chips on the table cloth. A Las Vegas favourite, craps is to die for.


Chuck-a-LuckChuck-a-luck is a lively, fun game, where the aim is to guess the number of the individual dice or the collective number of the 3 dice when spun in the cage. Each player can place a bet on the individual dice number or the variance of the total of all 3 dice, which pays out even money. If 2 dice land on the same number is pays 2/1 and if all 3 land on the same number it pays 10/1 – unless the player has bet on the treble which pays out a massive 30/1. Chuck-a-luck is an old British pub game, but is still new to the casino world.

Wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortuneOne of our fastest, fun games enjoyed by young and old alike. Each player places a bet on the number they think the wheel will stop on. Each number represents the odds paid on that specific bet. For example if the wheel wins on number 1, the croupier will pay out even money. If it winds on number 2, the odds are 2/1. If it wins on 5, it pays 5/1 and so on.

Pier Fun Casinos are located in the North West of England, but we can supply our mobile casinos to you for weddings, corporate events and any type of party across a wide area of the the country, including In the North West, Blackpool, Preston, Blackburn, Lancaster, The Lake District, Windermere, Kendal, Merseyside, Chorley, Southport, Ormskirk, Bury, Leyland, Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Bolton, Wigan, Chester, Cumbria, North Wales and Rochdale.

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